Eurocarto 2024

The International Cartographic Association (ICA), the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), the German (DGfK), Austrian (ÖKK), Swiss (SGK), British (BCS) and Czech (ČKS) Cartographic Societies are pleased to invite you to the European Cartographic Conference – EuroCarto 2024, 9-11 September 2024 at TU Wien, Austria.

We aim to bring together Cartographers and those working in related disciplines to offer a platform for discussion, exchange and stimulation of research and joined projects. The conference builds upon the successful EuroCarto 2015EuroCarto 2020 and EuroCarto 2022 and takes the ICA initiative on fostering regional cartographic conferences on board.

We are happy to welcome you to EuroCarto 2024 in Vienna!