Presentation: Dr. Rui Zhu, Bridging Geospatial Semantics and GeoAI

Bridging Geospatial Semantics and GeoAI
Dr. Rui Zhu
University of Bristol
27Nov2023 15:00 UTC
In this presentation, I will provide a succinct overview of the research conducted on geospatial semantics and ontology over the past two decades. I’ll highlight seminal works that marked various stages of development within this field, emphasizing their strong connections with the most advanced technologies during their respective periods. By reflecting on this historical progression, I aim to contextualize the current research on geospatial semantics within the emerging wave of GeoAI. More specifically, I will delve into the integral role geospatial semantics plays in aiding AI in spatial and temporal reasoning. I will showcase cutting-edge techniques, such as knowledge graphs and spatially explicit machine learning, to illustrate how geospatial semantics can significantly contribute to these advancements. Towards the conclusion of the talk, I will point out challenges and opportunities to bridge geospatial semantics and GeoAI, envisioning a pathway for future research in this interdisciplinary field.
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