German Cartographic Society e.V. (DGfK)

The German Cartographic Society e.V. (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kartographie e.V.) is a non-profit-making, economically independent and politically neutral institution of trade members in the field of cartography and people interested in mapping in general. The aims and tasks of this technical science institution are:

The DGfK was founded in Bielefeld in 1951. It is the only cartographic society on a national and provincial level in Germany. There are round about 2000 members in the DGfK at present, splitted in individuals, numerous official authorities, institutions and organisations. To meet its aims and objectives the society works in many different ways (see: statute):

The DGfK holds an annual "Deutscher Kartographentag" (German Cartographic Conference), which includes an European Forum. In lectures and discussions current themes dealing with all areas of cartographic interest are reviewed to inform about the situation and development in special, regional and european questions. Map exhibitions, company presentations, sight-seeing tours and excursions also belong to the program of a typical Deutscher Kartographentag. The annual general meeting of the society also takes place during this event.

The "Kartographischen Nachrichten", the only cartographic periodical in German, is also published by the DGfK. There are six issues per year which our members receive free of charge. In articles, reports, reviews, and much other information, also job advertisements, this periodical mirrors cartographic news in Germany and abroad (especially Switzerland and Austria).

Apart from the "Kartographischen Nachrichten" members of the DGfK also receive, nearly bi-annual, the "Kartographisches Taschenbuch" (Cartographic Pocketbook) which - besides articles - contains an extensive list of addresses in the field of cartography. The "Bibliographia Cartographica". Together with the "Staatsbibliothek Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Kartenabteilung" the "Bibliographia Cartographica" is published annually. It's the only regular documentation of international cartographic literature.

DGfK is a member of the International Cartographic Association (ICA). Representatives of the DGfK fulfil important functions in the ICA and participate in commissions and workgroups. On an european level DGfK is a founder member of the European Cartographic Union (ECU) since 1999. In this way our society is engaged on an international level and is involved in the world wide cartographic development.
These activities mentioned before form the foundations of the diversified work of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kartographie. They not only secure the constant supply of information in cartographic everyday professional life, but are also important instruments for apprenticeship and further education and training. The statutes of the DGfK in the new version dated 2001 regulate further details of the activities of our society.

If you would like to support our efforts, apply for membership in the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kartographie e.V.! We will be very pleased if you decide to join us!

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